Our Pricing Perspective

From day one, we have been totally committed to InformDB delivering truly useful information, not just storing endless quantities of data. We believe our Time Series, Metrics and Analytics System is the best value product on the market.

Our database engine is fast, stable with no external dependencies making it ideal for either server room or in field deployment. We have discarded the notion of payment by “tag” and price assignments according to use and the scale of functionality.

Whether you are looking for a data historian or a full data analytics system that can provide new process insights, InformDB will not only surprise you but deliver amazing outcomes for your operation.

Pricing Process

Our assignments are in all types of industrial, building and commercial settings. We implement InformDB solutions from design to production with  pricing based on implementation complexity and effort rather than “per tag” or “per seat” licensing.

Software License Pricing
Minimal Never based on tags or number of seats

Access all functionality out of the box
Scale the system with confidence
Upgrade with additional licenses
On or off premise solutions
Unlimited databases and points

Implementation Pricing
Quoted Fixed price or hourly rates

Scoped turnkey assignments are fixed price
Turnkey or we will work with your team under rates
Only pay for complexity if you have it
Unlimited users
Scale from single point to enterprise systems easily

Hardware Pricing
Quoted Or we can use yours

No hardware dependencies
Deploy hardware that suits your IT policy
Free issue hardware or we can supply
Scalable from Intel NUC to server class clusters
We install hardware or you can